Hello there thank you for stopping by and welcome to how I started the blog “page”. All things random might sound very random as it is. But, really there’s no great back story behind naming my blog. Well if you ask why “all things random” there are a great variety of phrases more fancy than this one. That’s because firstly, I came up with the name out of the blue and secondly, because the name felt so silly and child like which was exactly what I was going for so.

All things random is basically a page which portraits my thoughts and opinions. I’ve always thought I was no good with expressing myself in words in the sense of speaking out or freely expressing myself. This blog is my little hub for those expressive words to come out into posts that you are going to read or have already read. So, there might be a few posts which are a little personal and some which you can relate to as well please look forward to them.

No ones perfect even though we strive to be. And same goes to me. So if you’ve got any suggestion/challenges (or topics you want me to write about) leave them here. I love learning where I lack and improvise myself!


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