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Hello there, Happy New Year (2018) is what I mean to wish! But, I guess am a month and a half too late for that so Happy Lunar New Year everyone! And if you do not know what am talking about here’s a link that may help you with what a Lunar New Year is -> Click Here.Here’s to the year of the Dog everyone! I hope we all find more direction and joy in life-like the dogs always seem to have those two things right in their pocket!

Before I can talk to you about the blog and how I came to this whole idea let me give you a little talk back on what I’ve been up to for the past almost two months. I was basically in a slump for about half a month. And things happened in life which were a little hard to digest and so it took me about a month or so to recover from that (and gladly I’ve recovered a 100%).

So coming to this particular post/ blog idea it was the usual long contemplative battle of whether it is true or not or is it just a delusional thought of my own universe process. But it actually felt quite relevant to me even when I put myself in others’ shoes. So it was comparatively easy for me to put it to words than I actually thought it would be because this is quite a debatable one. Wow, that was quite a long intro huh! Sorry about that but I feel like it was obligatory for me to do all this before the actual thing started anyway I’ll stop now and let you have fun reading the post!

What does a treasure truly mean to you? Me? Mine is easy it keeps changing with my age. I often had wondered about the concept of something being treasured by someone for a lifetime and I have come to a conclusion that one just cannot treasure something forever. Why? Isn’t it obvious because one is never going to last forever to treasure it forever isn’t it! All that will last with you are the fleeting memories of those once upon a time treasures you’ve had. For example in my life about up to even one or two years ago I would have laughed my ass out if someone came and told me that I’d actually be forgiven by the person whom I used to treasure the most. I would have literally done everything I had in me to go back to how things were with them.

But, you know life always has something else in store for you when you think the right thing is it life says no the wrong thing is it for you! It’s life, it’s gotta surprise you with some sweet gifts and sometimes shock you with the bitter truths of how this world works. I’ve always been in this constant search of what is it that I want in life that I’ll actually be satisfied with it to the fullest. What is it that would make me feel like I am rich of wealth (treasure full) and that there’s nothing else that I’d need to add to my treasure but, you know the answer that turned out was quite astounding.

Treasure Chest
Image from Google

It is as simple as the fact that I can never fill my treasure to the brim not because it might overflow and lose its contents. No! But, because what my treasure needs keep’s changing as time passes by just like how a tree would grow deeper and greedily into the soil as it grows it needs more water and more nutrition and more sunlight. What I’ve come to learn is that there’s no harm in wanting something different in every phase you pass by. It is only humane enough for you to want something you want and that’s absolutely normal.

But at the same time the old treasure you picked up from something that you thought you needed back in the previous phase of yours why don’t you put that into the little box memories that maybe you’d share with your loved ones someday! Maybe as something you’d like to talk about and laugh or perhaps even show as an example of how great or not so great you were in that one phase of life.


I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on how and what you think Treasure is in life. Do leave me a comment down below! Like and share it if you’ve enjoyed reading it. And until next time ~~~




  1. Totally agree with you, but what makes something your treasure? And when talking about a person as a treasure it doesn’t always mean that the person also treats you as their treasure, right?

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