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Scary Vacation

Disclaimer:  Apologies in advance this is also something to do with time (like my previous post) I wonder if this is going to become a theme on my blog we just gotta wait and watch don’t we? Anyway here’s my rant have fun! 

So am on a break from my regular routine of doing things in my life. Lets just call this a vacation but a vacation that is meant to have a purpose behind it (basically finish a project sort of thing) but, honestly I cannot bring myself to working on this particular project of mine that the vacation was actually meant to be for.

I’ve tried all the tricks that usually work with me that get me to doing what am supposed to do but this time around they’re all failing me strangely enough. And I really am at a loss of ideas right now I know I’ve got quite a while to go before my vacation ends but this is now getting to me and all I can tell you is don’t ever think it is a good idea to go on vacation to work on a project which you know will take you more than just those few months to finish it.

I mean if you can bring yourself to do that am more than happy for you and am also incredibly jealous of you and please teach me your tricks please. But, if you’re anything like me then am telling you start when it’s not even time for you to! You might think “Ah that is not even due in like for 6 months lets leave it for later I have the 2 months of vacation in the middle as well.” you’re gonna regret not starting even for a little bit about 6 months before and mark my words when I say this am actually feeling so much regret and guilt for all those times I’ve wasted.

The thing with time is it won’t stop ticking which is kinda good and also bad if you ask me. Yes I am panicking and complaining about how I should have used my time better but also appreciating time at the same time. That’s three times’ in one sentence wow I am sometimes way too over the top despite myself. Anyway all am trying to tell you is not to while away your time doing something less important for you at the moment than what is needed of you.

Am very guilt about doing things like that and I’ve learnt my lessons for that but, am pretty sure many of you are smarter than me and will learn from my lessons than by experiencing them yourself like the saying goes. Anyway I really do hope I get myself back on track while it’s not too late at least that’s how I’d wish for things to go with me. And also sorry in advance if you don’t hear from me because I will be quite busy with this project of mine so apologies in advance for those who look forward to read through my rambles.


And thanks again for sticking around ’til the end if you did. Gotta go for now have fun while you’ve done what you need to do! 🙂 See you in the next one hopefully after a while now ~




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