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This little piece of treasure was found in the depths of drafts as I was working on a post for the blog. And as I read it I found that maybe I hadn’t posted it because at that time I was doing a more of a happy spree kind of theme on my blog. So here it is now for you to enjoy. I quite like bitter taste of the poem which might sound off to you but some bitterness in life is always good I’ve learnt. Anyway, here you go it’s all yours:

I forgot

How the world always looked at the pretty

How it was always so materialistic

How it was always so lonely

I forgot

How there was never going to be a place

How we had to make one for each of us

How we needed to struggle for it

I forgot

How ruthless an emotion could be

How painful could get

How harsh it scraps one’s heart

I forgot

How faceless the humans can be

How empty their promises were

How shallow their words were

I forgot

How pretty is not the only word

How there’s never a fairy tale in real world

How we all kept re writing each other’s stories not our own


I know it might seem like an abrupt ending but going on beyond that would kill the meaning of the poem I feel. Anyway, I hope you like this one and let me know if you’d like to hear more from me in such subjects as above and I shall make an attempt to write one up ASAP. For now, thanks for reading and bye!



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