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I miss those funny conversations in class that we used to share

You don’t even sit beside me anymore

I miss those emotions and feelings that you once had only me to share

You don’t even share a greeting with me anymore

I miss those long messages that you used sent

You left me with neither a bye nor a note

I miss your excuses for being late despite the time that we spent

You don’t even show up anymore let alone be late

I miss those long calls that you once made to me

You don’t even call out to me when we see each other

I miss those long walks that we had taken along side the lake gone

You don’t even walk my way so we stumble into one another





It’s been a while since I last blogged but, there are two reasons why I haven’t been able to upload more often. One because am quite busy with other things in my life and two I needed a break from the blog after the April A to Z challenge. Anyway I hope you enjoy this short poem. This poem is inspired by a drama series that I had watched very recently. Leave me a comment if you want to know the name of the drama, And also, I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments/opinions on the poem down below.




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