Z – Zooming in

“What is that you’ve got on your mind today?” questioned Lena sitting down across the table and picking one of the fries from the box for her to eat. She was talking to her friend Sammy who’d been a worrywart from the day that she had met her. 

“What is it this time around that made you over think and zoom into?” adds Lena trying to read into the expressions of her friend who looks completely lost and hopeless. That’s the face Sammy makes when she thinks she’s done something wrong or is worrying about something that she’s already done and waiting for some sort of universal sign of green to say that it’s okay and she doesn’t have to dwell about it over again and again.

If someone had told her that what she had done is wrong. That one statement is enough for her to start worrying about it and she’d keep thinking about it non-stop in the back of her head unless she get’s an okay for it with some solid proof. Sammy even thinks over and over before she opens up because she thinks she’s bothering others by opening up to them or maybe she might sound stupid to them if she were to open up to them. Even though she isn’t like that when she’s with Lena which had also taken quite a while for her to get comfortable around Lena. Despite the repeated efforts by Lena to get Sammy out of this bubble of self conscious and worrisome she had failed to get her out and so she just leaves her be the way she is and comforts her from the outside. As she can only try to not push however close a friend Lena is to her.

“It’s about this thing related to work” says Sammy finally speaking about the issue that she had been worried about. Lena comforted her by telling her how it would be okay and even in the worst case scenario she could still make things work . Lena was never tired of this process because the after effects of it were what got her the joy. Sammy would always feel a lot better when she had spoken up about her problems. And just speaking and being comforted about it would bring back almost all the lost life in her both mentally and emotionally.

Lena had always repeated this one phrase to Sammy saying “You know no one really sees you in the way you do because you always think of the worst case scenario and that’s not always it’s only a ‘few in always’. Don’t try to zoom in and find the worst case scenario, it’s okay to leave things the way they are and let loose.”


Random Segment:

Well that wraps up yet another April A to Z and honestly am kinda overwhelmed that I could make it to the end of this one. More details about how this year’s A to Z went by will be coming up in a new post maybe in a day or two. For today’s random segment here’s a question “Do you have any instances in life where you’d also zoom into things?” I do that quite often but, again I also zoom out of them very quickly. Let me know by leaving me a comment whether you’ve done it before and if you have, then was it worth it or was it just your over exaggeration of things.

Thanks for sticking around until the end and you’re really amazing if you’ve read through all of my blogs from A through Z. Here’s to another one next year. Hopefully. I’ll see you with a Wrap up post on A to Z very soon. Until then—-



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