A to Z – Wrap Up

Let’s just start off with the fact that this time around it was a lot harder for me to write from the last time. Even though my stats say otherwise when it comes to likes on my posts but, really I feel like I’ve done way less than I did last time. I am not saying I regret doing the challenge I absolutely loved doing the challenge all over again. But, it’s just that I’ve been busy and had been wrapped up with so many other things on hand that I had spent way less time than I had intended to.

Never the less, like I said in my previous post am really grateful for all of those who had read my blog throughout the challenge and had also liked my posts. I truly appreciate that and I am very happy that you liked them. Even though I had begun the post in a rather disappointing way let’s add in a few good things about this year’s A to Z challenge. When compared to last year I could tell that I could pull through the challenge rather smoothly.

I say that because last year during April was nothing like this year’s April. Last year I was new to the challenge and so  the challenge was all lumpy and bumpy even though it was a good one. This time around I had a more streamlined approach to things where I had a theme set even though I didn’t adhere to it a 100% I’d still say it was better than that of last times.

I mean we’ve got 14 poems and 12’ish stories with about 5 missing Random segments and I think that’s as good as meeting the target of the theme I had first set off with. There’s also the ease of doing the challenge the second time around where you know where to cut back and where not to. This year’s challenge was yet another roller coaster experience indeed. And lastly before I get on with ever failing promises, congratulations to all of those fellow blogging buddies who had pulled through the challenge successfully. Here’s to us guys:

Ryan Celebrating.gif
This was fun! 😛

I will surely make an attempt to plan things out this time around that’s what I said last time too though. Maybe this time I really will we’ll only know when we get to April next year. Well that’s all I’ve got for you today and here’s to another one next year again. Well, maybe, hopefully, I don’t know.



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