Y – Yarn

This post was supposed to go up like twelve hours ago but it didn’t because of certain inevitable reasons. Also I know I’ve been swapped things up quite a bit in the past few days and I do apologise for that.  There’s only two more letters to go including this one so you’ll have to bear with me only for a tiny bit . Also before you read the poem here’s a disclaimer there’s two meanings to the word today.

Screen shot
There’s the formal and the informal.

So I hope you enjoy the poem made out of both the meanings. Ha ha, anyway here goes the poem:


Those words that flow out wouldn’t stop

Lengths of those conversations seem to be going on as if on loop

The list of topics that aren’t agreed upon are endless

If it were to be made into a book it’d be one of those best sellers

Weaving one into another yet not coming to a conclusion at any matter

As if it were a process that needed one step after the other

Making it meaningless from the start till they are concluded

These conversations I wonder if they’re of any worth even when they’ve ended

Woven into yarns of long hours

Wonder if all those hours were worth those pointless yarns.


Random Segment:

Here’s a song suggestion that I’ve been listening to quite a lot at the moment and maybe you’d like it too. It’s from a drama I haven’t watched but, love this song because of the way the singers sing it. Hope you enjoy it as well.

I’ll see you again with “Z”.



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