X – (e)Xcel

The word doesn’t really start with X but, this is all I can do for now despite the search for a good word beginning with “X”. 

When there’s more than what you think there is

Then you know you can do much better than this

When thing’s still look imperfect despite the time spent

Then there’s still a place you want to stand at

When pushing and making it work wont do

Then finding a way to stand out is the only way to do

When playing it cool wont achieve it

Then fire things up to make sure things are lit

When letting it go isn’t all that can be done

Then add something better even if it takes working till the last bone

When you want to be on the top of the game

Then make sure that the top and you are the same


There’s no Random Segment to this one as well. Hope you’ve enjoyed your read I’ll see you again with “Y”.





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