W – Words

Okay first off am sorry for a late upload for yesterday’s letter but, I’ve been so caught up with things that I had to take yesterday off and cool my head before I could come up with something good for me to post up here. And so you’ll be getting two posts from me today back to back one on “W” and another one on “X”. Here goes “W”:

“Have you ever thought of the possibility on what if you failed to do something?” asked Twain still coping with the piles of work he has on his desk, which do not seem to end despite his best efforts to finish up. Twain was talking to his friend who was also sat there busy finishing his work and checking things off. And so his friend replied “Failing? In what sense do you want me to answer that question?” he exclaimed.

“Failing at a work assignment or anything trivial at all, really. Like failing to go out with your wife more often or failing to maintain that diet or so on?” he replied still working his way through the piles of files. His friend then turned to pick another file and replied to him saying “For me it’s always whether it is doable or not, if it is not then what is the next alternative to it. I don’t really care about how trivial or major a task is it depends on whether I know it or not. And if I don’t I’ll just have to learn it and do it. Like learning how to cook was something that I had to learn only after I had gotten married and that too because my wife was almost always out doing her thing and we needed to stay healthy so I had to learn how to cut veggies and how to boil an egg the right way, at the age of 29 can you believe that? Leaving aside the fact on how I’ll be looked at or how people would judge me. I’d say go for it because you only have one life and you only got one chance so do it so, do it right while you can. I may sound hypocritical but, I do believe in doing things that way at least to the most part. Does that answer your question?” asks his friend who had been typing away the contents of an important document and yet not having to stop at any point while answering to Twain.

“And things were never the same again ever since.” thought Twain to himself smiling to himself remembering those words that had impacted him and are still a huge influence on him even thought it had been over ten years that he’s had that conversation. He walks out of his cabin closing the door behind him, Twain is now at the topmost position to a very big company.


Random Segment:

So, I think I’ve written a post completely dedicated to how influential a person’s words could be to a human being. And I cannot emphasis more on it. A word of reassurance can help someone get back the hope that they’ve lost. A word of comfort can get back the liveliness into someones depressed lives. A word of encouragement could spring up new imaginations for those who had lost faith in doing or being something. A word of appreciation can pay off all the sufferings a person had gone through up until then. So, make sure you use your words wisely and not boldly (you can use them boldly when you think it’s needed.) Heck, I feel like the biggest hypocrite to be saying this but like his friend said in the story I believe in doing the same in my life. I know this is not really the usual All Things Random kinda style but, I hope you enjoy it anyway. That’s it for this one I’ll see you in a bit with the next one “X”, stay tuned.



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