U – Unsaid

“What are you thinking about? Is it about him again?” questions Kim looking at the same old expression of dismay in the eyes of her good friend Daisy. She had been going through a heartbreak for over three years now and she had still not forgotten about that person. Kim was now trying to get Daisy out of the couch so she could go to sleep in her bed. He was someone even Kim knew and so it was even harder on her to see her close friend so heartbroken and yet not be able to help out.

The cause for such a heartbroken Daisy was all routed to that one day which was also the new years eve. It was quite a chilly day and they were all supposed to meet up at the bar that they were regulars to have a quick drink and walk around till the clock had hit midnight. This was a routine they had been doing for over the three years that Kim and Daisy had joined college.

Daisy had finally made up her mind to confess to her crush who was a senior to them by a year. She had planned the whole thing out with very little grandeur to things because she was not completely sure on how it would go despite the obvious signs of his interest in her.  She had obviously dressed up for the occasion just a tad bit more than she used to just to make sure she did not get questioned for being all dressed up just for the new years. The only person who knew about everything was Kim who had obviously helped Daisy in the whole process.

Things were all going according to how they had expected that night, they had all met up and had settled into the bar. Their senior informed them that he’d join in later as he had some work needed to be settled before he got there. He was always late when it came to going to places or meeting up with people. And it was no exception on that day. But, what was odd was that he had not followed up with anyone of them on when or whether he’d be turning up which was not the usual case. This had made them worry a little but, they were sure that he’d turn up as it was going to be his last year to be able to spend the new year’s with them and so non of them bothered and were busy entertaining themselves.

Daisy had become a little worried on his where about’s after a certain point of time as he hadn’t picked any her calls nor had he called her back. Looking at Daisy worry everyone else had also begun to wonder as to where he could have possibly gone to for him to not answer his phone. And soon they were at his apartment only to discover that he was not there and he had left the place to a new one just a few days prior and they do not know of the places address where he had shifted to. They searched around for quite a while trying to still reach his mobile all of them worried and Daisy the most.

It was past midnight and they had all decided to meet at their college the next day to check with the administration department for his new address. But, what they found out was nothing less than a shock to all of them and to Daisy it was more than just a shock. They were informed that he had left college for some personal reasons and was shifted to another college of another country and were given no information regarding the same.

Kim still remembers that Daisy had when she heard about him and how devastated she has been ever since. She remembers the tears Daisy had shed that day and the number of times she had regretted on not telling him about her feelings a day earlier. It has been over three years now and all they know about him is what they were told by the admin staff of their college. Daisy’s words are still unsaid and she still thinks about how things would have been if she had said them a day earlier.


Random Segment:

Here’s another recommendation but this one’s an anime and it’s called “Lovely Complex” this is an anime which is light-hearted yet has a deep message to it. It’s the perfect summer break kind of anime if you’d ask me. And that would be it from me for today, I’ll see you tomorrow with “V”.



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