T – The truth

Doesn’t need any explanation to it

Doesn’t need any support to it

There’s no if’s or but’s when it’s unveiled

Those unanswered questions are all now revealed

Efforts to conceal it would only go in vain

Editing the contents of it wouldn’t lead to any gain

Concealing it would only lead to even more losses

Costs which will be borne by not just one but by huge masses

Leaving it be wouldn’t dilute it what so ever

Listening to the wise is an advice to the clever

It will all come down shattering you with sheer ruthlessly

Inside every false there is a truth that lies blatantly

Random Segment:

All right first off let me apologize because it is a poem but, it couldn’t be helped because I really couldn’t come up with a good plot for a story. Nevertheless I hope you’ve enjoyed the poem it’s a different genre if you may call it from what I write usually and so it was fun typing it down for you guys.  For today let’s just go with a song suggestion. This was one which I discovered quite a few years ago but, had recently stumbled back upon it and cannot get enough of it. Also here’s a link to the lyrics translated to English and you’ll know why I cannot get enough of it when you go through them. -> Click Here

I’ll see you tomorrow with “U”.



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