R – Read

*and now she’ll pick her glass up for another sip of wine before she turns to another page in her book* and that’s exactly what she does. Rena has a very interesting hobby of reading people and predicting what they do. Well most of them have a similar habit of predicting others’ moves but, whats different in her case is that she does it to any random stranger that she’s observed for about thirty minutes or so.

This had been a hobby of hers since she was a young girl who had been the outcast of her class and had nothing better to do except to read books and while she was at it she had also learnt how to read people. This had all begun when she was reading her book and all of a sudden someone had up and grabbed the book out of her hands and that was a common thing to occur being the outcast kid of the class. So all she did was bend down to her bag and get out another book for her to read.

Then again she didn’t know what she would do if the second book was taken away even, so that’s where she had slowly begun to read through people and their moves. It obviously took her longer at the beginning and now her limit had reached to about thirty minutes of observing someone can help her predict what the other person would be doing based on their surroundings of course.

But, there had always been a challenge for Rena to be able to predict what these few set of individuals would do right after they’re done with a meeting or how they’d react to a news. It had always been impossible for her to read through such people. It being a hobby of hers she had always been curious to know what would have been going through a person’s mind when they don’t do something which is the obvious. And the answer was different from each of those individuals she’s approach with the same question.

It was either that they had never really thought of what to do next or what would follow or there were also those who answered saying that they did something unexpected because they wanted to try something new and had striven to be different. There had been abundance of people who were trying to be different and yet Rena could predict what they would do after that. But, what she had finally concluded was that there’s always a difference between how each of us think and that’s why there are so many opinions on how you add a set of numbers.


The Random Segment:

Today’s post was absolutely different but, also you might find it incomplete. Well the ends up to you it’s more of a non fiction than a fiction. Hope you like it. For today’s random segment here’s a question: How many of us have those days where you absolutely hate everything about and around us?

Something like this? Haha 😛

Because I do, not just cause of my own woman problems but, in general there are days where I just don’t like anything nor anyone else in the day. And I think that’s just a part of life isn’t it? What do you think? Let me know. Anyway that’s it from me today I’ll see you today/ tomorrow with a post on the letter “S”.



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