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Q – Quit

Letting it grow won’t do any good anyway

Let’s just write it off as another failed one this way

These feelings won’t let me write it off

The times when the hope inside me that took off

With all the possible impossibility

Which involved only ones imaginative irrationality

The possibilities that had crept up don’t even make sense

There’s truth that’s been lying in front of me clearer ever since

Those hopes that had crept up had been all one-sided and over written

The reality that was clear was being hidden

There was no us in the first place so move it

This is the end so let’s just quit it


by crumbling that hope

Hurting those feelings

Killing the countless imaginations

Those things that were all only mine to begin with.


And that’s that. I’ve written a poem on something similar to this one. The link to it ->Click here. And am back at it again with a different feel to the same feeling. Hope you like it. There’s not going to be a Random segment so I’ll leave you to this and will see you tomorrow with “R”.



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