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P – Pieces

“Hey do you know where you could find the rest of these pieces?” asked to confused nerve to the brain. The nerve was trying to figure out a way to understand what that small piece of work it had been holding on to meant! Brain had then replied “You’ll find another buddy of yours who’s holding a similar piece as you pass by these channels.”

The nerve then passes by the channels of reason, belief and emotions which thoroughly went through the contents of it which was still being carried by the nerve. And the nerve now had quite a few opinions going on about the piece each given by various channels it had to pass through. One had said that it is just an ordinary piece which had no importance, one said this piece could make a significant impact on things out there and there was one that said that it was an incomplete piece without its other counter parts.

The nerve was now outside the third channel with a little more clarity as to what the piece meant yet unable to know what it meant completely it went on. It finally found another piece which had just been an addition to the current one yet again not making very less sense out of itself. The nerve was yet again instructed to go through so other channels and the process went on until it was the 5th time that the nerve had found another piece and it had all finally come together to one large piece. When the nerve read what it meant it read “Be happy, good-bye.” on a piece of paper which had been crumpled and straightened up.

The brain had instructed the never to take the same piece to the heart as this was not an area that it’d deal with and let the memories and emotions channel to consult with the heart as well. And the heart had made a decision to keep the piece in the memories channel and the emotions to take over the decision as to whether they’d want to send out sad signals or bitter-sweet ones based on the memory channels records of the piece and the other contents that relate to the piece.


The Random Segment:

Today’s story might sync in with a few of you out there and for the other’s it might seem like it’s about some kind of nervous system explanation. I hope you like the read it was fun writing though. And for the random segment today here’s a quote for you. [I have yet to start reading One Piece but here’s a quote by one of the characters which sounds real good and is tempting me to start reading it. Enjoy.]

Like I said it’s really a cool quote.


I’ll see you tomorrow with “Q”.









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