A To Z challenge, Poetry, Writing

O – Open up

What are you thinking about

What if I said it’s something you don’t need to know about

Maybe I need to you won’t know unless you tell me

No, nothing important anyway its something lame

Are you sure you don’t want to tell me at all costs

Yes can we stop talking and get this over with in all sorts

If that’s what you want then it cannot be helped can it

Sure let’s get to it and can you look away I dislike being stared at

Well that was not intentional am sorry for the discomfort caused

Whatever just work and stop getting all distracted

Alright already I’ll do it right so stop nagging

What the hell am not nagging

Okay fine you aren’t didn’t know you disliked the word

It’s just that it makes me feel old

Is that what’s bothering you

Well yes as I’ve said it already get back to work seriously already will you

You looked like you were in so much pain, am glad you finally opened up

Yeah okay I’ve done my part so come on buck up

The Random Segment:

Here’s another piece of poetry that I’ve enjoyed making. I hope you like it. Today’s Random Segment will be a little different because I need your opinion on what Random Segment’s you’d like to see in the future please do participate and help me know what you feel about the whole segment even.

See you tomorrow with “P”.



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