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N – Not today

Okay, so today’s post is not going to be a poem or a story. If you’re someone who’s following through with the blog everyday then am really sorry to disappoint you with not posting a story. I really did mean to keep up with the theme but, it’s not like me at all if I don’t break something I’ve made as a rule. Ha ha it’s not the same in all the cases though. So, this post is going to be about the title itself. So without any further ado let’s get to it shall we?

Before I  begin here’s a short disclaimer “this post only mainly focuses on removing the bad or unwanted not today phrases out of our heads and not those which are actually necessary at times”. How many times do you think you’ve thought about the phrase “not today” in your day so far? Am pretty sure if you’d counted it’d at least have a count to itself in your day. And of course I do have a count of the times I say it and there are times when the tally is close to a three digit number which is an awful lot but, some days just really get to me and it just cannot be helped.

And lately I’ve discovered a trick where I’d use another phrase of some sort basing on the situation instead of “Not today” like I’d use “Just a little bit” or “Let’s just do it for 10 minutes” or so on. And it’s helped me quite a lot in the areas of life am using it. But, there’s so many more areas where I’ve not used it and am so behind the game if you’d call it one. It’s quite interesting how your own body plays to your own tune based on how you’d ask for it to. When you say or even think of the phrase “Not today” you’re mentally sending in signals to your entire body to not do something today. Just because it is not important today or maybe the lack of time or maybe even the lack of motive to do it.

But, just by replacing that one phrase in your head with something else would make such a big difference in your head that it actually really will catch you off guard with its impact. Am a very lazy person especially when it comes to health and un-important things on my list. There are other areas where I use “not today” but with reasons that support it and those are some genuine reasons [mostly]. As I said I’ve been able to improve a lot thanks to replacing of that one phrase. Even though I have a long way to go. I really hope replacing that phrase would help you as much as it did to me. And if you don’t really use the word “not today” I envy you.


The Random Segment:

Today was all random but, here’s another random suggestion coming your way it’s an anime and for all those who like music/comedy this will be a real good one. Trust me on this one. It’s called “Nodame Cantabile” leave me a comment if you’ve watched the anime/drama. I’ll see you tomorrow with a new one on “O”. Thanks for sticking around until the end if you have I really appreciate it.



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