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M – Moving in

Do you need some help here

No am done with this one, can you get those there

Sure, and we’re done after this one right

There’s more but I think for now this much is alright

Are you sure you’ll be okay dealing with other things at this pace

Am sure everything will find its respective place

That’s there you always take time to settle in

Sure it would be but working on it has its own spin


Good luck with that, you seem happy moving in

Thank you for helping me out here I didn’t know that it would be this fun moving in


The Random Segment:

I hope you liked the poem. And for today’s random segment we’ll be doing a song and a movie suggestion. I know you’d be thinking ah a song again? Yes a song again, because I keep stumbling upon amazing music everyday and can’t help but share it.  Leave me a comment on how you found my previous recommendations and this one as well [am very curious to know how the others like it when I share things like this!]. I know I don’t usually suggest movies but this one’s amazing and the name of the movie is The Boss Baby. I’d recommend the movie to any person who’s of any age you’ll know why after you’ve watched the movie. And here’s the song suggestion!

That’s it for today thank you. I’ll see you with a brand new post on “N” tomorrow.




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