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L – Life’s experiences

“I told you they weren’t supposed to be attached and these were some common points that were to be added, why do I have to always repeat things for you?” shouts Warren quickly typing away on his keyboard and making those final corrections which took him about 30 minutes. It wasn’t like it was the first time that Eli was getting shouted at by her superior. But, this time around she had made sure she did everything right as she was instructed. Yet again she seemed to have messed up something or she had not done it perfectly that her boss had to shout at her again.

Eli was noy the only one who got scolded most of her colleagues were victims of Warren’s wrath but, non of them had to face it as much as she did. Warren was a very competent and perfect individual who expected his surroundings to be the same. “Well done, Rena and Oz the presentation was perfect and it looked like you’ve taken special efforts to make it even better by including those add on’s to the presentation. That was truly a very precise and perfect presentation.” said Warren with a wide smile on his face. When will I ever be able to see that face when he speaks to me thought Eli to herself looking at him talking to her colleagues, she was still working on her presentation which was due the before day.

As Rena and Oz had left Warren’s cabin Eli was called in. And yet again she was yelled at for exceeding her deadline and for making him and their client wait. “How many times do I need to tell you not to cross the deadlines. Didn’t I tell you that they would leave an impression on the client about us? Did I or did I not?” asked Warren yet again raising his voice. He calls in Rena, “Rena, I know you’ve been very busy but, can you do me a favor and finish this presentation within an hour and let me go through it before showing the same to the client.” saying the same he hands over the information to Rena.”Sir, let me have an hour on it instead of Rena am almost done with my presentation. Sir please” pleads Eli.

Warren who now didn’t care about Eli anymore as if she were non-existent in that room had gone back to doing his work asking Rena to take Eli out with her. “Maybe am not fit to be working in this position after all” thought Eli. While she was on her way back, there were barely any people on the streets because it was past mid night but, Eli had been working overtime to compensate for the delayed presentation. As she was heading home Eli had reminded herself to leave an early alarm for herself as she had been given a chance to prove herself again tomorrow and that she would make it this time no matter what. Even though she had 90% of the work done Eli wanted to prove herself to Warren.

The next day as she had planned Eli had left for office earlier and had made sure everything was according to the information provided by the client and also had included extra detail as she thought would be fit. And as she had finished giving her final touches to the presentation, Warren had just entered the office. As she saw him settle down in his seat and go through his schedule, Eli had found the right moment to knock and walk in with her final presentation for Warren to go through. “Sir, here’s the presentation you had asked me to prepare for XXXXXXX, please take a look.” laying down the laptop in front of Warren. He examined the presentation while Eli was nervous if she had committed any mistakes.

But, to her surprise Warren had not said a single word until he had reached the very end of the presentation. He then asked her “Are you sure about the extra content to the slides.” Eli replied hesitantly “Yes, as far as I remember the client is not someone who’d dislike more information on the presentation.” He replied back to her “Well, then it looks fine to me go ahead with this then. Well done.” And that had made Eli’s day and from then on the number of times she had been scolded had also been reducing over time.

It’s been over 3 years since that incident has happened and now Eli is one of the best employees of the organization leave alone under Warren. “A person’s life’s experience teaches them?” thought Warren to himself still in his same old cabin but, this time around him looking at Eli.


There’s no random segment for today but, my answer for the previous day’s question is that “I’d be travelling around the world.” I’ll see you again with “M”.



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