A To Z challenge, blog, Poetry

K – Keen

Those early morning workouts

The overtime shifts which never seem to end rather get dragged on

Those little contributions to things that would help in the future

The unending attention to details for making sure things are okay

Those extra little touches to a piece which was perfect

The long untiring efforts to make a masterpiece yet again

Those long hours of work without even having a break for natures call

The last but important checks on various conditions if things went by okay

Those endless sleepless nights until there’s yet another series created

The final checks on words that will be open to over tens of thousands to read


The Random Segment:

So, today’s post is something which is inspired by all the creators of the world I know am missing out on a lot of them and there’s no way I could cover all of them. And of them all we all know who’s the biggest creator of them all! Am obviously talking about Nature. I know I’ve spoken about nature so many times on my blog that it must have gotten the point that you’re like does she even have anything else to talk about? Honestly I doubt so myself. Ha ha.

Leaving that aside here’s a question for all of you. I’d appreciate it if I get some participation here! And the question is “If it wasn’t for what you are doing now, what would you be doing? Or more like what would you want to do?” A very vague question but am very curious to know. I’ll give you an answer of mine tomorrow along with a post on “L” See you for today.



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