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J – Jealous

“If it’s James that you’re looking for it’s rather better for you to try the person directly because I know as much as you do about him and he’s not come back for over two days now!” said Kane slamming the door behind him immediately after he’s said what he had to. It was Emily on the other side of the door James’s Girlfriend/ Best friend. She has had no idea as to why he’s been avoiding her and it had been over a week since she’s even seen him!

James was always the kind of person who’d come over and talk to Emily and would hang out with her as if it were a natural thing for them to be together. But, this time around for the first time in over 10 years of knowing each other that James had been acting rather strangely and that’s a fact which is hard for Emily to digest. James had proposed to Emily when they were in high school and they’ve been in a relation for over 5 years now. She’d always text  him even if she hadn’t met him and vise-versa. And that wasn’t the case either. She’s been trying all the possible means for her to reach him but, non of them have worked for her so far.

But, before James had begun to avoid her Emily had been really busy with her work that she had to bail on James for quite a few times. And she would of course call to inform him about the same. Now that she was thinking back on it she remembers that James had been meaning to talk to her about something and she always held him back on it because of her own busy life. “Ugh” she yells driving back from James’s flat, hitting herself on the head for not being there for the one person who’s always been there for her.

She kept thinking of him through out her way back and as she got home thinking of taking her final chances by calling his parents. Emily suddenly remembers of a place that James had talked to her about and how he would go there when he’s low, he’d  spend some time alone to collect his thoughts and to be able to deal with the realities of life. Where he also added saying that it was all before her and now he had her to share things with. She immediately jumps back into her car and speeds into the direction of this place that she thinks fits perfectly into the criteria that James had mentioned to her.

She was spot on about the place as she could easily spot the long and tall body popping out of the very less crowded cafe that was way outside the city. She finds a spot for her to park the car and she rushes into the cafe with a feeling of joy that she’s never experienced before. She ran to James hugged him and had begun to cry worried sick all her way till here wondering if he’d even be here or not. James had hugged her back in reassurance hearing her weep and said “I was jealous!” Emily didn’t get it at first but, as James repeated himself she could hear him again better than the last time.

She asked him for the reason and it was the most childish thing that she could ever imagine a person tell her. He said “It’s because you don’t have time for me anymore. We’re supposed to be sharing more time with each other and you barely even see me anymore. No fair man. And you keep going on and on about all those guys you’re working with I mean I know am being childish and all but, I guess I can be because now I have all of your attention towards me.” he smiles wiping off her tears and she gives him a good long punch in the stomach like she always does when she’s mad. This was a new side of James that she had never seen even though it’s been more than 10 years of knowing him. “You sure know how to get people worked up don’t you?” said Emily. “Only if it’s with you and when I know you’d come” said James chuckling at the sight of her non matching slip on’s.


The Random Segment:

Okay I know that was a long one. So I’ll keep this short here’s a recommendation for all of those who love songs with meanings inside them. As if I’ve not do that before on here. Ha ha anyway, I hope you enjoy this one.

And I’ll see you tomorrow with “K”.



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