A To Z challenge, Poetry, Thoughts, Writing

I – Insides

It won’t fade away from the memory lane

It is full of marks  that’ have been left behind

It keeps getting tugged at multiple times everyday

It is filled with fears that cannot be counted

It has walls which are breakable

It has residues from the past bruise

It’s an endless pit that takes everything in

It won’t say a thing even when it burns from within

It’s a lonely soldier on a sunny day

It’s a coward under the umbrella on a rainy day

It keeps up with the paces of every emotional self

It jumps right into the deepest of itself

The Random Segment:

This could most possibly be the shortest of the posts you’ll see from me in this whole challenge. But, you know there’s always those days when you want to add as fewer words as you can for the poem to sync in and stay. So, that’s the reason why there’s no rambling after this point. I hope you enjoyed the poem.



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