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H – High and Low

“How is it that you can match with all of our paces at the same time? You review my report with that stern look and yet when someone steps in for a doubt you can be so kind to reply to them in the sweetest way?” asks Madison finally relaxed after that small piece of correction she had to make to her report. She had been over the edge for quite a few days or close to a month now, because of the report she had to submit. And she had finally gotten herself free from all the responsibilities for now as you’d call it free time after turning it in today. Her mentor was someone she respected a lot but, also was someone who wouldn’t go easy on anyone when it came to the subject itself. She finally got herself and Lesley [mentor] a coffee each and had sat down opposite to her.

Lesley had taken her first sip of coffee and answered to Madison’s question saying “Because that’s how it works.” “What, really? I mean you’re the coolest when it comes to anything other than the subject and when it comes down to it you even advice me on personal stuff!” exclaimed Madison still failing to understand the meaning behind her mentor’s words, she gets lost into her analytics trying to get the logic behind Lesley’s words as she sips on her own coffee.

Lesley then again replies to her saying “Yes, that’s the exact point, how are you able to separate the highs with the lows and that’s how being a mentor works. Do you know, what being a mentor means?” She continues without giving Madison a chance to answer “It is to guide you through with everything we’ve got as you’re the people under our wing and we’d have to take care of you till you’ve gotten by, past the point of advice that is.” She takes a breather by nibbling on her coffee cup and having a good long sip of it. And she goes on “Being a mentor doesn’t mean that I’ll just up and give you a list of things to do and then we’re done and through, it’s a lot more than that. I know you know that as well. When I took you under me for the report it’s because I wanted to groom you to your fullest potential. And if that means to go a little overboard with my rights then, I’d never think back on it not even for a minute.”

She pauses for a bit at this moment takes in a little more of her coffee and stares out of the window and asks Madison who’s now been completely immersed in the explanation Lesley’s been giving her now. “Do you even know how it feels to not have anyone to rely on or to ask even when you’re running around in circles about hundreds of things about your report.? But, you cannot because you’re just supposed to do what you’re told and not to question even one bit of your mentors’ words or intentions. It’s a horrible feeling Madison let me tell you. I know that feeling and I’d hate for any of the people under me to feel that way.” she keeps at it while having her drink now deep in thought as though she was reciting this story of hers to herself.

“It is so hard for you to hold back all those curious but sometimes stupid doubts on the inside just because the person under whom you’ve fallen is not someone who’d let you open up to them about your problem. More like they’ll just leave you with a long list of things to do with no prior instructions on how to do them even. And yell at you for not doing it the right way. I understand if it were coming from someone who’s spent more than half their age in a place like this. They might not have the energy and enthusiasm as the other young ones. But, what get’s to you is that there are people who prefer someone else over you just based on the sheer idea that they know better, or they look better, or they are more intelligent or so on. I understand it is hard to stay unbiased but, the least you could do is answer back to someone who really needs you that’s the least job of even a Professor not just a mentor.” “Now, do you have anymore questions for me Madison or was it a good experience doing the report along with me? Do you have any more questions that I need to answer?” Madison smiles and thanks Lesley for her advice yet again on something she had asked.


The Random Segment:

That’s another successful ending to another day’s letter. For today let’s keep it simple with a quote I’d like to share.

Picture from Google. Person in the picture is from the main lead of Bleach [Anime/Manga]
 Nope it’s not a song. Leave me a comment if you wanted a song again I’ll never run out of suggestions I promise. Ha ha see you tomorrow with the amazing “I”.




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