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G – Greet

Those glares falling on your face

Greet you with the brightest shine 

Those happy smiles on those pictures

Greet you with the fondest of memories

Those vibrant jar of flowers

Greet you with all the colors

The warm and cozy hugs that you get

Greet you with the love that’s felt

The breeze that flows past you

Greets you with freshness that lifts you

The beats of the songs you listen to

Greet you with a new tune you could dance to

And every new day


Greets you with a new ray.


The Random Segment:

Okay and that was a poem I had never thought I could write but, I did am actually quite proud. Because I feel like it’s a genre I’ve never written in, maybe am wrong correct me if I am.  So today let’s talk about something that I don’t usually like talking about or more like it’s not really something that am good at. Handling yourselves, I mean most of us would feel like we can totally deal with the worst situation anyone could possibly imagine. But, let me break it to you not always.

But I’d also like to add that I’ve learnt quite a lot from my past as to how I should/could/would handle myself if it were the same situation again. I’ve often heard people tell me why are you like this or why aren’t you like this so on and so forth not just to me but to others as well and maybe even I’ve said to others [am working on not saying it. I truly am]. And that kind of got to me maybe 4/10 times, and I would immediately reply back stupidly saying oh sorry and all. But lately it’s gotten me to think as to why does it have to be that way and not the other way round, or am I that bad for not being like something? I know am not the jack of all trades and I don’t want to be one either. So really when someone asks something about being the way I am, I feel like I’ve been handling it quite well and a lot better than I did before. It does sound cocky I know but it’s how it’s done and cannot be helped!

Here’s a song as if you didn’t expect that coming ha ha.

See you on Monday with the grand, huge, “H” he he.



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