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F – First

“Do you remember how we first met? It wasn’t much of memorable one from what we’ve had so far.” said the woman sitting along side her husband with her hand locked into his. He was busy reading an old book that he had found from his attic that morning. He pauses his read and replies to her saying  “How could I not remember something so important, after all that day you had prettiest of smiles on and had the shabbiest of handwriting’s and also it was the day when I fell in love with you!” The woman replied back saying “I did warn you about my handwriting don’t blame that on me after all these years now!” She continued trying to recollect the memories of that day.

*Ugh I wonder how long this is going to take* murmurs Helen writing the now never-ending form for her to join a course she was forced into. “Hey, nice to meet you. I am Mason looks like we’re going to be in the same lectures. Isn’t this form so annoying to fill!” says the most handsome looking guy she’s ever seen in her whole entire life. “Tell me about it! I’ve been here filling the same thing since morning.” she replies in her nonchalant voice despite how she felt on the inside.

“Really, can you lend me yours? It’ll be much easier for me to copy it from yours than reading all the questions and answer them.” said Mason now trying to sit next to her so that it’d be easier for him to lean in and see while she still wrote. “Here, you can have the first few am done with them anyway but, I have the worst of handwriting’s you could ever imagine. So if you still want them despite my handwriting, I have ’em right here!” she shrugs still engrossed in filling the form up. He takes the pages that she had been holding onto and gets into filling his form. “Hey, it’s legible enough and that’s good enough isn’t it?” he smiles still continuing to write his form while she looks at him and thinks to herself well aren’t you the sweetest. They finish filling each of theirs and then exchange glances as if it were an achievement worth all the praises in the world.

“And that’s how you fell for me while I was writing away.” said Helen finishing her narration of the incident to Mason who had a wide smile spread over his face and he replied to her saying “But, there were so many more firsts for us after that right? But, this one is of course special because this led to all the other firsts didn’t it?” “Yes.” she replied as she leaned onto his shoulder and smiled with a tiny tear that came out of her eye which had landed onto his shirt.


The Random Segment:

So, for today here’s a featured blogger who’s blogs are incredibly good and also if you like humor then this is the one for you.
Here’s the link to their page : BunKaryudo

Hope you have fun reading their blog. I’ll see you again with “G”.



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