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E – Empty

Those empty bottles call out to me

To fill them up with the colorful-est of flowers

The roads that are barely full

They scream out to me to explore them

Those empty rooms of the house

They still have words and memories carved in their walls

A book that had barely been filled but cast aside

Looks at you every single day it’s right there when you need someone beside

Those empty eyes that stare at me

Wonder how many lonely nights they’ve spent wide awake

Those empty chairs after a farewell

Who will occupy them next only time will tell


The Random Segment:

For today there’s a post that I’ve enjoyed reading. I mean it is kind of was blunt and different from your general post’s from the author itself. But, I really enjoy knowing how people feel on the inside when they try to hold back on things. We’re all adults and need to be responsible and all but, we’re human too and we of course will have at least one pet peeve or so I think so. One of my pet peeve’s is not being able to do my hair. It’s not like I style it everyday or something but, not doing my hair means the basic stuff like combing it, washing it often and so on. It drives me nuts if I don’t do anything to my hair for even half a day after my day has started. Ha ha, here’s another post ending in weird way and barely making it. Anyway let me know of your pet peeve’s despite the degree of weirdness they have. I’ll see you tomorrow with another letter.



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