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D – Dose

“Hey can you lend me that file lying there, thanks you’re always such a help.” said Daniel to Rob who was standing right next to him waiting for Daniel to get free so he could clarify something form him. Rob did what he was told he picked up the file and gave it Daniel even though, he could reach out for it on his own. Rob didn’t mind doing petty things despite his position at work. Maybe that’s also the reason why he had been pulled out of his chair for the most ridiculous works that anyone could ever imagine. And Louis, on the other hand comes barging into the office arguing and explaining something in a loud but not rude voice of his. As he rushes through he asks of Rob a favor of helping him call a subordinate of his.

Daniel was the famous idol of the floor he’s not only an attraction because of his work but, also because of the way he carries himself around. And then there’s Louis who’s known for the abundance of knowledge he’s got stored in his head and for those quick-witted decisions he takes. These three were all at the same level yet each of them had their own departments to deal with.

“What the hell is this even? Didn’t I tell you not to do it this way and do it the other way around why is it that you always have to mess up! Go back, do it over and bring it to me by the end of the day!” exclaimed Rob trying to correct his tone embarrassed by the way he spoke to a subordinate. He was not usually known for shouting at people more like he would go and advice others not to shout at their subordinates but, today really caught him off guard as he was expecting the work to have been done by now.

“Hey, Rob have you called on my subordinate for me? Louis inquires. “Ah, I completely forgot about that give me a minute I’ll call her right away.” said Rob. “That’s okay man I’ll go do it myself you anyway seem to busy shouting at people today!” replies Louis now hopping off his chair. “Well I did deserve that it’s a dose of my own medicine after all, it is bitter though.”  thought Rob and went back to his work with the sting still in his head from what Louis had just commented about.

“Hey Kane, I’ve been looking for you.” said Daniel standing there for him to get free from the work he’s been doing. Kane was at the same level as that of Daniel but, in a different floor. He didn’t even turned to Daniel and said “Hello, tell me how can I help you? But, before that could you please pass me on the print from right beside you?” And this in itself had made him feel so incredibly bad about his behavior of being all high and might with Rob who was at the same position as he was in.

“Joe why is there no information on my desk yet?” said Louis now talking to his subordinate. “How long does it take for you to add a few basic programs to the information that I had already given to you? It’s not like this is your first time is it? Hurry it up” he continued as he found himself a seat beside that of Joe’s. “So where are you? Let me see if you’ve done okay so far!” said Louis now clicking and typing away at the mouse and the keyboard of the Computer in front of them.

“Why did you change the basic notes on which I built the information so far? Wait don’t tell me it was me who had taken the requirement wrongly?” said Louis in a very low tone thinking of all the possible reasons why he had got such a basic mistake in a file that was given to his subordinate. He couldn’t come up with an excuse because that’s what he told everyone under him who made mistakes were only finding excuses for such a mistake and not accept it. And here he is learning a lesson from his own dosage.


The Random Segment:

And again because this is a longish story here’s a drama recommendation for those who can take some time out and watch it. The drama is really good and also very light-hearted. The drama is called “好きな人がいること” [A Girl and Three Sweethearts]. Here’s the trailer of the same, the trailer is quite different from the content though!

Anyway that’s all from my side for today. Thanks for reading I’ll see you tomorrow with “E”.



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