A To Z challenge, blog, Poetry

C – Chases

Let’s get this over with

We’ve got a list of things to deal with 

Aren’t you done with the prep yet

We barely have any time to start

Shall we just go in the car

Walking there would take longer

So what did you want to tell me

Can you make it quick because I need to leave

Can’t you run faster

You’ve become such a slacker

There now you’re staying back again

Why is it that you always just cut past the deadline

Turn in your assignments earlier won’t you

I always had to wait till the last-minute for you

Okay let’s try again, here you go hold onto me little one

See you’ve succeeded, it was worth the wait to watch you take your first steps without the help of anyone


The Random Segment:

As you can tell by now that am alternating between poems and stories and I hope to continue in the same manner until the end of the challenge. For today I’ll be rambling on about a topic that’s been on my mind for a while now. And you should also know it is completely off the topic if you take reference of the title.

Off late there’s been this realization that had dawned onto me. Maybe also because of the situation I am in right now has an influence over my words now but, oh well. Has it ever occurred to you how much a person’s constant existence in your life for a good long period of time can affect you after you part with them. No, am not referring to love. Well it does include that but, it’s not about just love explicitly. It’s just that those people’s presence and their impressions leave such a big fleeting mark on you and you do not even realize it until you’ve been told that or you do something which makes it so obvious for you to notice it as well.

Is it a good thing to have people leave such marks behind themselves I mean not all of those marks can be for your good, many can bad too. Actually some could be very dangerous. I know am leaving you off with no end to the topic but, I’d like to know whether you’ve ever experienced something like this and was it a good thing or a bad one. Do let me know in the comments, am always up for a discussions which involve human talk. Ha ha. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow with tomorrow’s letter.



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