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A – Anything

Hey what do you keep hiding in there

You can ask me anything but not about what’s in there

Won’t you skip that step, there’s no use of doing it anyway

I’ll do anything but skipping that step right away

Will you be able to finish

Ask me anything but not about the finish

Why don’t you confess to them about how you feel

I will do anything but confess because I know how they feel

Aren’t you over working yourself a bit too much

There’s time for anything but rest as such

Is there any way that you can stay

I can do anything but I cannot stay


The Random Segment:

Is there any person who doesn’t get attracted to foreign languages well, I don’t think so [I hope not though]. There’s this word that’s often used in the Japanese culture and the meaning of the same is “Thank you very much”. The word when converted literally into English is arigatou gozaimasu.

Arigato Gozaimasu
Image from google.

And it has such a nice ring to it when you say it out loud. Try it and let me know. And if there is any one who know’s Japanese and am doing it all wrong please let me know.

Here’s a link to their page –> Click Here for all the information related to the challenge and their social media handles. And I’ll see you with the next letter on Monday. Have a fun weekend.



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