A To Z challenge, Writing

Again? Why not?

Am I taking part in the April A to Z challenge? Yes of course I am. Last year I had taken up this blogging challenge and it was quite fun. And so here we go again.This year would be my second year and I am more than excited for it to start.

So, this year for the big theme reveal I had been thinking of possible themes for the posts for each day for quite a while now. But, all I could ever come up with was the same as my previous year’s and that is Story time. But, then again I didn’t want to repeat the theme.

This time around I was thinking on making it a little more challenging than my previous one. And so being the random blogger I am, I thought it’d be fun to add a segment called The Random Segment. Where I will be posting either a poem or a story on that day’s letter and along with it I’ll be adding a small piece of randomness which could be about anything!


Well that’s all I’ve got for you today. Here’s hoping you are having a great time and I’ll see you in the next one.

Here’s a link to the A to Z challenge website if you are interested in knowing more about them. –> Click here





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