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I am a mad fan of nature if you didn’t know and I do love taking pictures so, here’s a couple of snippets that I got of nature.

This one was when there was barely any sun left in the sky and if look at it carefully it does have that little shade of white where its saying bye. 😛

Love them leaves! ❤

And about the next one, this was so random yet so beautiful. It was a quicky because I had to stop click and then keep going. I was driving then so.


Look at it! Love how branched out it is! 😀 

And that’s that. Well, I sure am not gonna just leave you with that. Here’s something to read as well because why not. And also it matches the theme. Take a guess will ya?

Hey, can see it now?



Because it’s still too early for you.

Hey what about now?

No, because you’re still young for it.

Hey am older, can I see it?

Do you really have the time to spare?

Hey, am older and am not busy.

No, don’t you have other responsibilities to take care of?

Hey, am done dealing with all those responsibilities, now?

Sure my friend go on ahead.

They are so widely spread out!

Aren’t they?

I didn’t know I lived above something so strong and huge as this.

Of course you didn’t, these are my roots after all!

And because am your leaf?

Yes. You both are a part of me without whom am not there!


The poetry (style) is nothing new to you if you’ve read my poems. I hope you had fun reading and going through the post as much as I did in creating one.

Well that’s it from my side, like always I hope you’re having a great time and I’ll see you in the next one!




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