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What a day!

From frustrated yelling at random strangers to battling things out, what a day it has been indeed!

Well hello there. Today was one of those days where a lot had happened and it was also the kind of day where a lot could have and didn’t happen. Lets start off with this one particular feeling I’ve been having since a while now and that is, how is it even February already? I mean for real! I cannot get over the fact that January had already passed by and it’s already the seventh day of the shortest month of the year.

Okay, I’ve heard ya I’ll stop with the complaining about time going to fast! But, I just had to put it out there to keep my head in the right place to type down what had happened today. It is not everyday that I come across an array of emotions and when I do I document it by sharing them with you. Because, why not?

P.S. this was from a few days ago I did write most of it that day but, I couldn’t post it that day!

So, let’s start already shall we? Like I said there had been quite a few things that had popped up in my daily life that I had to once stop and wonder if am living in a dream which was very realistic but, no it was a real day of my life. Well there was the time where things were made so huge out of something so petite into something which sounded quite out of proportion.

And then there were sides taken and things like that. And here is where I lost it and I had a short outburst of high quality anger that is not very common for me, more like it’s very rear for anyone to see me like that! Let’s also add that there was disappointment on that day, and lets not get into detail about that!

But, what really caught me off guard was the fact that based on who took which side made me judge how I’d like to see that person in the future. And I know I’ve been told this quite often by many of my friends that I have too many prejudices and I am very harsh at times as well and I get it, I am like that I guess. Well not always am I wrong with my prejudices but, today was kind of taking it too far and that’s what caught my attention.

Yup that was me in my head! Haha.

And then there was this whirlwind of emotions and blaming game going on in my head. Though it didn’t show there was quite a chaos in my head that day. And I feel like that was for the good because that taught me many things and had also given me an experience I’d remember despite being a forgetful person.


That might have sounded pretty vague because I wanted it to be that way! I appreciate your efforts for reading through and getting here! Thank you.

Well that’s it from my side, like always I hope you’re having a great time and I’ll see you in the next one!



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