Poetry, Thoughts, Writing


Their laughter fills the room

It looks like it’s a joke which everyone acknowledges

Maybe this is a chance to talk to them?

They look so dressed up today

It looks like they’re going out somewhere

Maybe asking them where they’re going is appropriate?

One of them isn’t here today

Looks like the other one is kind of lonely

Maybe this is the time to go see how they’re doing?

Oh, they seem to be mad at each other

Wonder what the reason could be?

Maybe this is the time for starting a conversation?

Well don’t they look awfully happy

Seems like they’ve patched up

Maybe this is a chance to tell them how much I admire them!

Thanks for reading and hope you’ve enjoyed it. I sure had a good time writing this one. Leave me a comment on your maybe’s, am pretty sure there’s at least one!

Well that’s it from my side, like always I hope you’re having a great time and I’ll see you in the next one!

P.S. the picture has nothing to do with the blog post its there cause it was so beautiful that day and I loved the sun shadow on the tree’s dried leaves.





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