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Hello February

So, January has ended and I don’t really know what I’ve been doing so far with myself and the plans I’ve made/ scheduled so far? And that is low-key freaking me out because this time I was pretty sure things will work as I had planned. And that brings me to a topic I’d like to blog about.

Do plans really work?

Seriously though do they?

If you’re going to say yes then can you please lend me a few of your pro tips?

Now that am standing on the closure of a month and the beginning of a new one my brain is very torn on what to do with the whole idea of planning or not to do it! So, there’s a part of me that really wants to organize and plan a schedule out for my following month meaning making a daily routine, a to do list, duties I need to carry out, goals, so on and so forth. And there’s this side of me that’s just out right screaming at me saying there’s no point because you won’t stick to it.

Speaking of plans I did say in the Facts about me post that I enjoy ticking things out of a list but I had also mentioned that I cheat. Well I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! 😛

Kidding I fail at about half the things I plan but, sometimes it is way too frustrating to fail at even half of them because you make a plan having something set in your mind and failing the plan means failing to do them even though they might not be relavent at times.

Literally this is where I stand right now those signs are asking me whom will you choose and I don’t know which one to go for!

I wouldn’t call myself a planner but, I do think that am an organized person. While I say that it’s still intriguing how I never fail to plan but, what’s hard for me is to follow-up with it and finish it like I mentioned. Well there are quite a few reasons why I plan but, fail to execute like the blog everyday goal I set for myself but, turns out am doing it only once a week! And that’s one of the best examples of me planning yet, nailing it by failing it. That’s just how my plans go or maybe it’s because am not too good at it. But, then again I’d like to think that there’s no one whose a good or a bad planner as we all are usually organized in one or another aspect about our lives.

And, having unplanned days are also fine with me. I mean quite often there are times when I don’t really have a set things to-do or series of lists that I need to get over with before my day ends.

Ha ha where am I even getting with the whole blog you thinking? I actually really like planning but why is it so hard to stick to a plans and not being able to finish? Ughhh anyway, I hope February runs a little slower than January has and no it’s not for Valentine’s Day in case you’re wondering why I said that. Maybe that was TMI oh well I’ll just leave it in!


Thank you so much for reading along till here. Rather thanks for being there while I had a mini outburst of  thoughts on plans! Like I mentioned above please do share your tips on how you maintain and follow through with your plans. I’d be really happy to hear from you.

Like always I hope you’re having a great time. I’ll see you in the next one!



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