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#Day 4


Things are not going as I’ve planned

What do I do

Oh! Here goes I screwed up yet again

What should I do

Now I’ll be scolded for not doing it right

Well what else can I do

I don’t know what they’ll say if I ask about it now

What do I do

I’ve made a terrible mistake but, I can’t go back

How do I redo

I think it’s too late for a change

Well lets just undo

Oh no undoing doesn’t work

What do I do?

Image from google. 

I hope you enjoyed this silly or not really,post of mine for the word “Worry”. There are quite a few instances where I go through these lines in my head like it were a song but, then again who doesn’t worry.


Thanks for stopping by and sparing a minute or two to read through.

I tend to not think about what worries me or rather try to find a temporary solution for it and put myself at ease. But, sometimes it just cannot be helped when you worry you worry.

What do you do when you worry? Do let me know how you deal with your worries in the comments.




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