Poetry, Writing

An extract.

#Day 3.

A greeting to address someone

A lesson learnt from something that I’ve heard

A guide out of a ruler which doesn’t have measurements

A book that doesn’t have a name teaching you more everyday

A gesture that makes everything brighten up just a little bit

A message that was untold could probably be the most loud as it can

A throw which was never fetched felt quite satisfying despite itself

A throb in the knee from all the standing was worth after all

A lean that was unexpected was something good

A slope downwards is also fun when it’s with someone.

The love for dried out leaves is real. ❤

Those are some unrelated words that I put together to form a poem. I hope you had fun reading it.

Feel free to share, re-blog, like the post. Like I said in my pervious post leave me some suggestions on what you’d like to see next on here. Thanks in advance. 🙂

As always hope you’re having a great one and see you until the next one. 😀



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