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From all my phones I learnt that..

# Day 2 yayyyyy I made it for today’s post. I genuinely thought that today I’ll have to pass on blogging but, am glad to be able to make it.

Lets talk about mobile phones shall we? My journey of being a mobile phone owner started when I was around 15 I think. So, I’ve had my own phone for about 6 years or so. For the first two years I obviously didn’t really have a smart phone. Guess I was too young for it. And after that I got a smart phone like a starting generation one which I had held onto for about 3 years on a whole and then there’s my current one that I’ve had for over a year and a half.

Be it any phone among the three that I mentioned above. I’ve always used my phone browser more than the call or the messaging applications. The reasons are all different for all the three of them though. Also there’s three other applications I’ve been a constant user of; the camera (related ones like editing applications included), music player and the note making application. I guess I was a blogger even before my blog. (Haha) 😉

I know you must be wondering what the hell is she even getting at? Recently I’ve realized something about owning a phone and it being a major part of my life. Especially with my latest one I’ve been able to do almost everything I need to (which was usually done by me with my camera, PC or my TV) which involve also composing posts. Even though I still prefer writing them sitting in front of my good old desktop.

Image from google.

The websites I visit using my browser have been almost the same ones since over a year or so and that tells so much more about you than what you think it does. I use my browser for reading manga and watching drama and that is enough information for a complete stranger also! That I’m a crazy addict of everything outside reality and that I live in my own virtual bubble. And those last few words sound like the name of my very own autobiography.

I mean I do check and use a lot more applications and websites on my phone but, what my frequents are those two websites and the other 3 applications that I mentioned. One of my favorite applications I’ve had and used since my first phones time is Opera mini (yep its a browser) and it is an amazing application for anyone it is an easy and very helpful application especially it being a mobile friendly application adds on for it. Another good one I’ve come across in the recent times is in-Shorts which is basically a news application that brings you the news in 60 to 100 words and I don’t think anyone would mind sparing a minute or two to know about things that are happening around the world. I also use my WordPress application as well but, that’s when am reading and commenting as I said I like typing in my post through my PC.

So it’s kind of is strange when people ask me why are you so obsessed over social media. Where that is not at all true.Well okay what I am doing is also not something that I should be proud of but still. Why is it that people think we use our phones only for social networking? Is it a crime for people to be using their phones because they have their favorite novel in a PDF reader or reading about something that relates to your work. Even more so if they are listening to an audio it doesn’t really have to be a song or something related to entertainment it could also be that they’re listening to a lecture or a meeting that they had missed which they had someone record or they themselves had recorded or maybe just listening to an audio book that they had downloaded.

It really does piss me off when people judge the other just by looking at what they’re doing and not even asking them what they were up to! I mean this might be for a very few cases as well and I understand that most of us even me at times are obsessed with one or another social app or a game but, that doesn’t mean that’s all you do on your phone.

I’d say all my 3 phones had helped me in a way or another and it is not all for the bad. Well that last para was a mini rant of mine. Just getting my thoughts out here.Am not too sure where that took this whole idea or the title to.

I hope you found what I wrote agreeable and interesting. You’re free to speak up about your views on my title or my thoughts by leaving in a comment.

Feel free to share, re-blog, like the post. Like I said in my yesterday’s post leave me some suggestions on what you’d like to see next on here. Thanks in advance. 🙂

As always hope you’re having a great one and see you until the next one. 😀



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