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2017 and the same old business

Lets start with my idea of not having/ believing in new year’s resolutions/ goals. I’ve always been the kind of person who had a negative idea about something being behind me for me to finish or accomplish.

Its been 6 days since the new year has begun and I can confidently already say that I am not following my new year’s resolutions. Which,I had for a change made a note of in one of my many journals that I had planned on maintaining for all those past years.

I have the habit of procrastination and it cannot helped but rely on my good old habit, when I cannot bring myself to work the way I was supposed to! Yet the time when I was preparing my list of Resolution for the year I had thought that I’ve gotten over at least this one habit .

For one I had written that I’d blog on a daily basis this year meaning this must have been the 6th entry onto my blog since 2017 yet, it’s the first.That proves it that I still have that old habit of mine. Ughhh! Yup, no excuses what so ever I just didn’t blog and I failed to meet up to one of my resolutions. (Seriously though it’s really hard for me to type it down maybe this is a sign?)

So, this year for me hasn’t been any different from the ones before. But, am pretty sure I’ll make an effort into making it better than the previous years in one way or another. Kinda positive but not really sure. How about you? What are your new year resolutions. I’d love to know your take on this, leave me a comment!

Feel free to share, re-blog, like the post. Also leave me any suggestions about my upcoming posts because am running out on ideas. Thanks in advance. 🙂

As always hope you’re having a great one and see you until the next one. Which will mostly be tomorrow?!



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