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All Things Random is now 1! Yayy!!

Well the title says it all. All Things Random is a year old now. 😀 I cannot believe that it has been one whole year since I started blogging.

I never would have seen me doing a one year anniversary post like this one when I first started and, you’ll know the reason in a bit. But, seriously though thank you so much for all the support that you’ve shown and will in the future. I cannot ask for a more amazing audience than those that read this blog or those who will.

The journey so far:

All things random started off right this day a year ago where the first ever blog post was about a season I love and as to why I loved that season so much. Honestly, I never really thought that I’d come this far with the blog like I said (above) because I had no clue as to what blogging was. Struggling and also trying to figuring things with this new-found interest of mine I had come to a point thinking as to whether or not to continue. Even though I did blog like 1 or 2 posts that was it! And then came December, the time when we all join the blogging 101 community and share our blogs in order to meet and make new connections and that’s how I met about half of the people I follow.

Blogging community helped but, not so much. Then, after a couple of posts more I found a blogging buddy talking about a challenge. It was founded by bloggers like us and it is called the A to Z challenge (Click on the link if you want to learn more about it). I think every blogger must try this one. Especially those in their first year of blogging. And I am so so happy I took the challenge up and even more happy for being able to finish it. And from the challenge onward I’ve been posting a lot more on here than I used to before it. I know I’ve been going on and on about A to Z but, seriously it is a great challenge in many ways and you should try it!

The amazing community (people):

One thing you should know if you ever doubt yourself with blogging is: whether you really want to own the blog and want to write. That is it. You do not need to worry about whether people will be there to support you or not and anything like people hating you for your content. Because I believe that the blogging community (people) on WordPress are the best of those that I’ve seen so far.

The best part is when you’re following a blog or a website it means you are in the least bit interested in what the other person writes/ posts about. Be it fiction, humor, mental health, bloggers community, just your good old blogging or any other genre. You follow because you like what they write. And because you like what they write you will obviously appreciate their writing and that is what makes this whole WordPress community so amazing.

I’ve met quite a few amazing people through WordPress. And to be honest I cannot say a few rather say all of those I’ve met are amazing. Here’s a link to where I mentioned a few of those people you’d find on WordPress.—> Click Here  (P. S. the names are in the middle of the post so, please be patient and scroll past the content for the links.) And if I could, I would literally type down each and every bloggers name. But that’d just take too long and so I left you with a few, I hope you check the post out.

Blog anniversary party (Hop right in!):

So, here’s the part which is the most exciting one for me. 😉 Leave a link of your blog along with an incident that you think was the best you’ve ever experienced being a blogger. It can be anything like a heartfelt comment, an award, a milestone, I don’t know it is your best moment so you tell me! 🙂

Image from google. I don’t really have a talent with decorating a cakes so, I turned to google for this one instead of  a picture of my own. Yes, there is one of my own because that’s how obsessed I am when it comes to celebrating stuff. 😉 😀

And also it would mean the world to me if you could leave me a comment on which post you’ve found the best among all of those up on ATR. Is there a best one or are there numerous ones that you like!

As always I’ll keep my outro simple. Here’s hoping you have a great time wherever you are, whenever it is in the day/night. Until then,



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