Kicking some un’s ass.

That is some blog title isn’t it. I knew right away when I thought of the title that it’d be perfect for what am going to write about. Maybe you don’t fancy my title. But, it actually is the one for this post and its content.

Unbelievable she actually reached to such heights in so less time

Well believe it because she didn’t slack off nor did she find excuses like you did!

Unreasonable as always isn’t he?

Well find a reason and make it work! Cause you need to finish it after all.

Unpredictable is the exact word for them I tell you!

Well they’re interesting rather than being the same old. Is being new also bad?

Unruly with those notes again?

Those unruly notes got an award, doesn’t unruly sound good?

Uninterested that’s how he behaves towards everyone! Is he even human?

Well that’s just because he has his interest in animals more than human beings. Does that make him human enough?

Uncaring that’s how you were after we got into a relation and that’s why we didn’t last!

Well if only you had paid attention to them over your phone and your friends maybe you would have noticed them waiting for you!

Unorganized! How many times did I tell you to set your desk right?

Look there’s an order set for why they’re all scattered! Doesn’t unorganized sound like organized now?


Image from Textgram. Quote – Again something that I made up while I was writing. 🙂

I’ve been going through a lot of un’s recently and that lead me to writing this post. And when I was going through them I found that having those prefixes didn’t help. So I kind of made it a habit to remove those prefixes by thinking the other way round. Of course when the prefix was for the good I let it stay. 😉


Alright that’s all I have for you guys today. As always I’ll keep my outro simple. Leave me a comment on how you found this post. Leave a like and click the share button if you’ve enjoyed it and would like to share the post. Like always have a great week ahead and see you until next time.

– atr –


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