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Nature, Emotions, Words – Repeat

Yup I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks.

Nope am not dead nor is anything wrong with me.

I guess I just took a bit of a time off of writing if you may.

Kind of was recharging and doing my usual daily chores. And not at all putting myself through the pressure. Ha ha like that is true?  I mean if you don’t know something about me is that what worries me the most is me myself. Well maybe I’ll leave explaining about this worrisome behavior of mine for another time.

Okay, am done with giving excuses to you about my absence and also a little sneak peek into my brain. So, now is a good time I think for me to get down to write the post. Let’s talk about the first thing that’s in title shall we?

Nature! I mean if you’ve not kept up with me since the start or are a new ATR member let me tell you am a huge nature person. And among them all I am a huge fan of all those good breezy mornings but also obsess over the Season winter. In fact winter was my first post. I’ll leave you a link if you’re interested -> Click Here! There’s always something so refreshing and new that mother nature never fails to surprise you with its marvelous beauty which can also sometimes be surreal. I’ve never come across anything about nature which was surreal until recently.

I love this picture by me. Not bragging about the photography. All the credits to nature and also the camera. πŸ˜‰

I was out with my friends on a stroll and I found a very old abandoned and worn down building which had practically come down two-thirds of the way through. But, there were  still a couple of walls standing tall and still holding most of their shape. And there was a tree that literally had its roots/branches (couldn’t really tell which were what) going through one of the walls. Because of autumn there was barely a leaf to the tree but, it stood so tall and strong with all of these huge branches spread wide open. It looked like a very old tree as well. And right beside that one is another tree mount above another wall of the same building and it was pretty short for a normal tree. And it’s roots almost eating up all of that wall that looked like some support that was standing there just for the tree to penetrate through it. But, these trees kind of caught me off guard. I mean for most of you it might not sound that surreal at all and completely natural.

But, that was like WOW! Like the real kind of astonishment you’d see in every kids eyes when they first discovers something really amusing or get the best gift. I might sound a little stupid saying this but, that’s the best I can describe this feeling I had. Because we were having a stroll around I couldn’t really stop and take a picture of those magnificent tree’s but, I did promise myself that I’d go back there to take pictures with my proper camera and also an instant picture. Cause I owe that tree a “Polaroid moment” if you will. But, at the same time nature can be very unforgiving and cruel and that’s when you see the not so good side of mother nature. I’ve always been frightened of that side of nature and I will even in the future I reckon.

Emotions, they’re a part of me I naturally cannot really avoid them. Temporarily yes, permanently no. And there always are the emotions that we have, which don’t leave you with a good note. And those which leave you with a whole life’s worth of happiness all at once. And these emotions are all created by that part of ourselves which I do not particularly take care of. I mean my brain is not something I particularly look after like our other external body parts or a few internal ones. Like, I have a habit of asking my heart how it is feeling or how I like talking to my hair or even how I look at my feet and talk to them on how happy they look. Yup am definitely a weirdo. Ha ha πŸ˜›

Image from an app called Textgram. Quote – Something I made up in my head while writing this post. πŸ˜€

But, it never occurred to me that my brain/head also needs some caring or else it’d get tired. I mean, I do think talking to myself is one thing I do the most if you ever ask me how do I take care of all those thoughts in my mind. I either talk myself into a thought or completely out of it. Getting one thought out once it goes and sits in my head is hard but, I try real hard to get it out. Won’t say am a master at it, ha am not even close. But, I feel like my brain needs a lot more attention than just self talks with me.

What are words if you really don’t mean them when you say them. – from What are words by Chris Medina.

Here’s the video for all those who’d like a listen to the song.

Yup those words are so so dear to me and the song is a great one too. It is a song on love but, the lyrics are to die for. The next and last one on my repeat list are words. I am not a great person with words when compared to many of you or even my friends in general. But, I know what words can do to a person and I cannot be more than grateful for all the good and meaningful words I’ve heard, read and seen throughout my life. But, am also very thankful for all those words which were negative which were also a means for me to build myself even taller than I am and even stronger than I am.

Words, in my opinion are third in the list because the first one is out of our hands anyway. It is nature after all we cannot really control what it does. Let’s hope it stays that way. And the second is something that we can control but, which is very hard for a normal human to have complete control over. Unless they are a super awesome person who has found the actual peace in their own soul and mind. But, words are something which we can control and I feel are the most influential. And they are also the most powerful means for others to communicate which makes them more important for people like me and you as we live in a world where communicating means everything and we’ve got the means to as well.

And there we go those are the top three things that we keep going on and on about in our daily life almost in a loop. And the ones which I think every human cannot avoid despite his own will and wish. You cannot really avoid the nature that you feel, see or even listen to. You cannot avoid the emotions you see, think of or feel. Nor can you avoid the words that you see, read, feel and think of.

Alright that’s it from me today. I feel like this has been a long one but, then again I haven’t written since 2 weeks so forgive me for the longevity of the post.

As always I’ll keep my outro simple. Leave me a comment on how you found this long ramble of mine or anything really. Leave a like and click the share button if you’ve enjoyed it and would like to share the post. Like always have a fun time and see you until next time. [And this time it seriously wont be long πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› ]

– atr –



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