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Looks like my minds working better with my phone away from it. I cannot explain this situation of writing a new post right after my last one any better. Which BTW seems to have been liked by many of my friends so just in case you’re interested to know what it was all about you can go check it – Right Here.

This topic came up in my mind when I was sky gazing like I usually do trying to get that perfect highlighted cloud. It’s just another obsession that’s found its place quite cozy and comfy in my bag of obsessions which seems full at the moment. I’d like to lighten it but, they’re all too dear for me to throw them into the not too important as an obsession bag yet. And am telling you the struggle is real.

Okay I’ve done enough self promo and introduction to the post I’ll get right down to whatΒ you originally came here to read.

Shadows are good you know. Where the whole world is looking for a highlight why not find something as important as shadow and follow it around? I relate to this, being a person who is kind of in the middle (don’t want to say awkwardly but that’s the best way to describe it I guess) of being a shadow but also likes being a highlight at times. It sounds weird? complicated? Let me put it this way I want to be at the leaders position sometimes and sometimes I just like following a lead.

I mean no offense to anyone what so ever but, I do feel that following is an easier choice that people make. But, sometimes in life we come to a point where we just think to ourselves is this all we’re worth? Is it really alright for us to just go along with how it’s done usually? And that’s when we all get confused on whether to be a shadow or a highlight.

And from what I’ve seen of life so far and of what it’s taught me I feel like its good to be a bit of both. This is where most of you might be like ah here she goes she always tries to act diplomatic by using the route that has both of them. I really found that being both is what works best for me. Me being a person who likes being left alone and not bothered with trivial things in life. But, what I do like is being the highlight when its something which includes just more than the usual things about life. I cannot really give you an example of which part of life I’d like to be a highlight and which a shadow. As am not quite sure of it myself to be honest.

But, recently I’ve come across a few instances where being a shadow is not even normal among people. I know who wouldn’t want to be a highlight all the time. Let me tell you I’d hate it to be a highlight all the time though. And this is for all of those who silently be the shadow of the highlight it’s alright to be a shadow am pretty sure there’s one thing about you which will make you a highlight.

If you really want to be a highlight make sure you be there in the right spot so that no one can ever overlook you. And if you ever doubt yourself remember that you’re always a highlight for someone out there. They look up to you, they want to be someone like or they just love you for who you are. All am saying is when you are surrounded by highlights don’t be afraid or don’t look down on yourself. But, at the same time when you’re around shadows don’t try to rub your highlight into them just let them be!

And this is one song that popped right into my head when I was thinking of this whole post and I’d really like for you to watch it.



Alright that’s all from my side for today. I hope you’re having a great week. Like always click on the like and share button if you’ve had fun reading the post and want to share it. Leave me a comment on how you found the new post and as I said in my previous one see you in the next one. (And that won’t be too long from this one) πŸ˜‰

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12 thoughts on “Shadow”

  1. We are kindred spirits. I usually set back and let others lead, but will step up if things aren’t going well or no one else steps up. I’m the supervisor @ work and sometimes play a rockstar in my off time, but don’t really want to be the center of attention all the time. As fun as it is to take center stage and sing with a band, my favorite is harmonizing with my church choir!!! BTW, great song!

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      1. I think it’s sad that some people don’t have the abilities or potential to be leaders (that would make the world pretty chaotic!) I am trying to teach my son that he is naturally gifted and it would be a shame if he wasted it and got stuck in some dead end job hating his life!!

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      2. Yes you are right there. I’ve come across so many people around me that could be great leaders. But, also those who are not worth the power they have as leaders. And so the balance to make it look good. That’s so cool of you as a parent. Am sure he’ll turn out to be a great person after he’s all grown. 😊😁

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