Poetry, Writing

This unrequited love

How long has it been that I feel for you

I don’t even know anymore

I’ve known this pain I have because of you

It keeps growing in me making me sore

I see you again today

It almost feels like the first time

I fall all over for you like that day

Even deeper than the last time

I convince my heart against it as if it were a baby

It wouldn’t listen cribbing and holding

My heart still keeps tardy

Feelings that it treasured deep inside and still guarding

For a heart that’s been tattered

It sure hadn’t given up

Because you are all that mattered

When I see you now, I get my hopes up

This unrequited love of mine

When will I get over it I wonder

But, I promise it will never cross the line

Because, that’s not a place where I belong to even ponder

This unrequited love of mine

I will treasure it while I hide it

Where the only thing that will tell me when is time

But, I know I will get over it (maybe)

This unrequited love of mine…

I’ve been away for a while and am sorry it’s just been a busy couple of weeks for me. Anyway am back again and I will try my best to get up here and write. It feels like ages though since I last posted something. I should post more often and I will make sure I do that. Okay enough with the ramble.

Leave me a comment on how you found it. Or anything really! I’d love to hear from you. Also leave a like and share the post. Have a good one and see you until next time.( I promise it wont be too long.) 😉



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