Meet & Greet – #2 (With a theme)

So, the last meet and greet was super cool. And I was really nervous too. But, it went on better than I thought it would. I found quite a few new blogs that were amazing. 

I guess this will be the picture for all my meet and greets then. 😀

Anyway this time around I wanted to add a little something to it. Leave a comment stating a person whom you’ve admired. It can be anyone and even fictional characters cause I admire quite a few of them myself.

I feel like this will give us a good start to knowing the other person. Who knows there might even be same answers by two or more people. I am a huge admirer and if I had to start with my list of people I admire I think the list will keep going on so maybe I’ll leave you guys be for now.

Okay so before I go into the rules of the meet and greet and all the other stuff about it. Let me tell you how wonderful meet greets are, I have found such amazing people through the meet and greets hosted by some amazing people.

Here are the rules to the meet and greet on here at ATR :

  • First off it’d be great if you re blog this post (Or even share this on social media).
  • Secondly leave a comment containing your blog’s link and also another blog that you enjoy reading or you’ve recently stumbled up on. [ basically leave one or more links of blogs and they don’t really have to be a WordPress websites even]


Also here’s the link to my first meet and greet. You can go check out the amazing new bloggers if you haven’t seen it yet. – Click Here

Have a great one you guys. And I am super pumped for this times meet and greet as well.


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