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The sun shadow on the leaves. ❤

Me: Hey, you seem to be in a good mood.
You: Do I? I don’t think so.
Me: No you are, your smile is as bright as that of cherry blossoms
You: I guess I am a little happy..
Me: I told you so why wouldn’t you admit it?
You: Well I just did so give it a rest.
Me: Hey, its been a while you seem to have gotten onto a bad mood.
You: Yeah whatever.
Me: Why are you burning with anger now?
You: I don’t know. Why do people keep asking me questions?
Me: Okay, fine don’t get so mad I’ll talk to you after a bit.
You: Yeah okay leave me alone like everyone else did.
Me: What should I do then you tell me. Do you wanna fight me?
You: Of course not. I am just mad and I don’t know what to do!
Me: You sure are, well here vent it all out!
You: Hey do you even remember there’s someone like me in your friends?
Me: What do you mean, why do you sound so gloomy?
You: Well I just don’t want to talk about it will you let me be.
Me: Okay, fine I’ll just stay here.
You: No am fine let me sob by myself I feel so lonely
Me: Hey come on now don’t cry. Things will be alright okay?
You: No they won’t am sure this time around they won’t.
Me: Will you feel better after crying out?
You: Yeah I think so but let me be alone for sometime.
Me: Okay.
Me: Hey why do you have a face as dry as a dead leaf?
You: I felt a lot better after I cried.
Me: Is everything okay?
You: Yes it is I am getting over things and dealing with myself .
Me: That’s good to hear let me know if I can be of any help.
You: Thanks for that but I’d like to keep going by myself.
Me: Hey why are you being so cold towards me all of a sudden last I heard you were doing better.
You: Am I now. You were the one who left me to myself in the first place.
Me: I did not, you told me you wanted to be by yourself and so that’s what I did.
You: Okay so you leave me be even now.
Me: Don’t give me. I did what you wanted and you’re the one that’s cold now?
You: Alright! Fine think whatever you want!
Me: Can we get back to being friends shall we? Am sorry okay?
You: Fine I forgive you
Me: And there we go again you have that same smile
You: Which one are you talking about
Me: The cherry blossoms one.

And that’s a random ramble that I typed up while I was at work  quite a few days ago. I really didn’t know what to name it and so it’s named that! Ha ha I am being very silly on here since the past few posts. I don’t know if you like the new way of my writing but, anyway tomorrow again will be a Meet & Greet weekend so let’s have fun! 🙂

Leave a like if you’ve liked this weird yet not so post. And also leave a comment on how you find this one to be it’s really different from my usual ones I feel like. And I hope it’s the good different one.



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