Choices & Chai Samosa -3

Hello, how has your weekend been so far. I had stuff to do yesterday despite my intentions to upload something on here I just couldn’t because I was completely occupied.

I don’t know about most of you but, for me Sundays are always the chill and relax kind  of days despite what I plan on Sundays they will for sure be postponed for one or the other reason. So it’s almost late night and I am sat here telling myself “right you gotta do this even though I know how much you hate doing anything productive on Sundays.”

Ha ha that was a lame introduction to the post. As I said I’d be experimenting on and off about the whole blogging thing. I felt like I’ll change things up to this times Chai Samosa and talk about a topic. And you can guess by the title what am going to write about right? Yup the topic am going to be rambling on about is “choices”. (it wont be too long, hopefully 😛 )

I have always believed that what you are today is because of the choices that you’ve made in the past or the choices that you make in your present and even in the future. Now that am writing it down it might have been part of some social media mostly some video that I’ve watched. But, it is also something I’ve believed so it’s not just a cheesy line to make my blog look good. See, I just made a choice to tell you guys about it. Even though it is not something that is oh so important.

Picture by me. Loved the clouds that day. 😀 And this one is quite an old one.

There have been so many instances that make me think of the statement that, I always am reminded of how important choices are in general. I also have like categories of choices made in my head. I mean there are the everyday choices (like which route to take, what to have for breakfast, etc), the important choices (like health related, lifestyle related, etc) and there are also those that are personal ones. And I might not be the best person to tell you how to choose among many things but, for me it has always been based on a few parameters. And that’s what people usually call their priorities.

For instance these last few days have been so incredibly crazy that I don’t even know what to say. Then again they were that way because I had made the choice for them to turn out that way. Even though there have been a few instances which were not really because of the choices I made. At least I’d like to think that way. Like one day, there had been a lot of traffic in the route I had taken and it usually is not an area I’d expect to have traffic. But, turns out that there was an object blocking the route ahead and that’s the whole reason the route had so much traffic. And that’s when I think it wasn’t something I had meant for it to happen when I had chosen that route.

And that is what makes me think how scarily important choices can be. Even though what I wrote about was just a route I chose to travel from one place to another. Imagine what your choices can make of you. If you actually stick to some of them which were made for your own good. I know it is better said than done. I fail in so many choices I make myself almost on a daily basis. But, that doesn’t ever stop me from picking that road again just because I had failed at it once. Maybe if you try to use a little bit more care and put a good long thought into it you’re always good to go with the previous choices you made. And who knows it was the best thing you’ve ever done.

Well am not too sure if what I wrote made sense but, choices are something I make and think about every single day. And I feel like it has a lot more importance in our life than what we think it has. And I hope this little ramble of mine has got that through to you.


BTW we’re not done yet, this happened today.

2000+ views is amazing. Thank you. ❤

I am so grateful for this. I’ve been eyeing my “views” for a while now when I noticed it was around the 1950’s mark. I wanted to make sure I took a screenshot of it as soon as it hit 2000 but, I guess I missed it. Too bad WordPress doesn’t give you notifications when you hit such milestones. I still cannot believe that I’ve come so far but, the picture is the proof I guess. Thank you for all your support for the past 10 months. I did want to make a new post for this one but, maybe when I reach another milestone according to WordPress I will.

And here are the suggestions for this week. I dug too deep I think this week. But, I hope you enjoy them anyway. The first one is a song by The Script “Without Those Songs” I love the lyrics and I highly recommend it for the song itself (because of the meaning behind it). The next one is again a song from another language and this time it is Japanese (I love all kinds of music and the list will keep going on if type in the different countries so I’ll stop there.) and it is by ShouenT (Tomohisa Sako) called “Zutto” (there’s no English subtitles to it here’s the translation). And no I didn’t find this one because of the anime I found it while listening to the various songs by ShouneT.

I’ll leave you to that for now. Here’s to a great weekend I mean whatever you have left of it. Do make sure to leave a like if you’ve enjoyed this post and also a comment on how you found the post or about your choices. See you until next time.



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