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So, looks like I wrote this when I was in very deep thoughts. And I wrote it about a few days ago now that I think about it. I was having quite a bad day and this was something that had done while taking a stroll around randomly cause that’s what I do when am having a bad day. I tend to take off and have a short stroll around.

Took this one while I was on my walk. Cheeky little sunsets are always good ones ❤


When trying too hard doesn’t get me there
Is it okay for me to stop trying that hard
When am too tired of all the battles that I’ve fought
Is it okay for me to stop fighting
When am cold from everything around me
Is it okay for me to walk away from there
When my eyes are too tired from crying from all the sorrows
Is it okay for me to close them to all those things that hurt me
When I hurt so much that I can’t even stand by myself
Is it okay if I take a support for me to stand
When am lost in the path called life
Is it okay for me to use a map called faith


I know this kinda may sound like a very sad post but, that day was kind of one of those days where I literally felt like shit. Leave me a comment on what you do when you have a bad day. Cause for me it has got to be a walk around and some sweating that’ll get my head back to being normal. Well that’s all I’ve got for you today. I will be back with a new one very soon. As always thank you for sticking around and sparing a minute to check this post out. Also check the first ever meet and greet am hosting on my blog : Meet & Greet – The first one ever. Alright bye for now. 😀



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