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Hello, how have you been today? How did your day go so far? Leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by and sparing your time in reading this ramble of mine! Hope you have a great time today despite how it’s been so far.

My day urgently needed to go somewhere so it rushed by? Am the kind of person who slacks off like even for 10 seconds if there’s any spare time. And I didn’t really even have that today!  From when I woke up there’s been this sense of urgency in everything to it. And before I knew what was going on, am sat in my room it’s almost bed time and I cannot recollect any proper moments of relaxation.

You know how you always have those super chill days and then you come across a fleet of days which are jam-packed. I feel like I’ve just had my fill with the chill ones and the busy ones are rushing right in without any prior warning. Am not complaining what so ever, love my chill and easy days. But, the fun is all in those days when you’re super busy and you don’t even find the time to breathe (well we obviously  breath or else we’re dead).

Despite my being busy I found myself staring out of the window because the weather was so beautiful. It’s early September so it’s usually the time when you expect things to settle down meaning end of rains. It might sound like a weather announcer, well be it. But, I always enjoy sunny and bright days like today. They always remind me of the perfect picnic weather but, too bad for me had to work.

I’ve had quite a busy week so far and am looking forward to it, having a lot of things to do and having so less time to spare is kind of nerve wrecking yet fun. Being busy can actually get the best out of a persons abilities. Because am finding myself doing things even better than my regular days and I love it.

As am still experimenting with this whole thing about blogging. I thought it’d be fun to add in a few of my favorites that I’ve enjoyed for the past week. And am by no means asking you to go and check them out or anything like that. But, I always liked sharing my interests with my friends, family, etc and make them also try it. And I am the happiest when they also take interest in it.

The first one is something I’ve been listening to on repeat almost every single day and it is Sia’s new song called “Cheap Thrills” and it is amazing! ❤ If you’re a Sia person or not you gotta give a listen to this master piece! Trust me. The second thing that’s been a favorite is again a song and this is from K- Pop it’s by 2 PM’s Jun K titled “Think About You“. This one has a good beat yet it’s very subtle. Even though you may not understand the language you can always read the sub’s to the video.

The third and the last one is a TV series and this one is a good watch. Its more into the genre of family/ friendship and if you’re someone whose into such TV series definitely look this one up. And it’s called “Summerland” a comparatively short (it has only 26 episodes that is short for a TV series now a days) show. So its perfect for people who like binge watching (I do that a lot 😀 ).


And that’s the end to the second Chai Samosa. As always leave me a comment on how you found the post and if you’ve enjoyed reading it leave a like. Also, leave a comment on how you liked my suggestions/ favorite things for the week.



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