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No Regrets!

Like I said I’ll keep posting whenever I find something or write something! So here’s one:

What’s wrong with you

You want to go back there again

What are the chances even

You know very well that you destroyed all of it when you left

How do you think they’ll react

You think they’ll take you in

What if they even will

You left them year’s ago

And you want back now? Why now?

You want to do this over because you’re jealous

Jealous of how happy they are and how miserable you are

This is just a momentous whim of yours

And then you’d want out of it in no time

Wanting to be back now after all that will make you look weak

Do you want to look weak?

You are not in a bad place either move forwards than backwards

Leave them to their happiness and move forward

This time around take each step carefully

Make sure you won’t regret it, like you are now

You’re denying the fact that you regret it

Cause you’ve always believed in “No Regrets”

For once regret and do not repeat.

Image taken from google really like that one!

This one is an old one which I didn’t post for some reason. But, I found it and I wanted to put it up so here it is! I feel like we all go through the stage of denial and doing things that we regret. And as far as I’ve learnt of life its easier to accept things even though they maybe as big as regrets sometimes. And that’s something I’ve learnt with a lot of battling with myself I guess. I hope you liked the poem/post. Do share your thoughts/ experiences if you’d like to in the comments down below.



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