So, am writing this earlier than I thought I would. BTW how was your day leave me a comment how your Monday went by before you go ahead and read this! If you don’t know what am talking about you should go read my previous post which has everything about the title and the content of this one!

I mean the explanation, I wouldn’t write the same thing all over again would I?

Anyway, today is Monday and I feel like they’re the most boring days of the week. No, it is not because the day before it was Sunday. Well maybe it does have a tiny bit of an influence over Mondays. But, the main reason for me is that my Mondays are very typical meaning going back to work not having anything interesting to do on hand. And they’re also usually the days which make me feel unusually lazy because am still in the rest, chill and fun mode.

This Monday I thought would be no exception to that of the others. And boy was I any close to being wrong. I mean first things first I had an early start to my day. The sky was absolutely stunning and scary (don’t ask me how it looked like. I do not have a picture to share with you unfortunately). That gave me a good/bad start to the day. But, I still was in a sloppy mood.

I finished up with my  work for the morning and I saw that the weather was as relaxed and chill as I was. It was basically gloomy and it was a super gray day! I went to work with the same wonky attitude even more so, thanks to the weather. Speaking of, does the weather ever influence you on how you feel that day. For me it doesn’t really matter but, today it did and I got even more lazy!

So, I see that my comrade i.e. my colleague is in the same sloppy mood as I was in. We exchange a few words up and down about our day and the things that we need to do for the day.  We didn’t really have any work so we indulge ourselves into our only piece of entertainment i.e. our phones!

Looking at who was calling we exchanged a glance at each other sighing my colleague answers the phone. To our surprise it was one of the admin staff from our office to tell us that we needed to be there in the evening. Which is a real pain when you’re in a mood of not moving even an inch.Both of us were not at all happy about the fact that we needed to go somewhere else in the evening. But, as it was a mandatory thing we had to. We whiled our way through time at our assigned place cause we had nothing to do! And finally set out to our office.

We reach office before time with a bit of a better mood because we were about to meet our fellow comrades. And who doesn’t feel happy about that? So we were told that we had to wait for a bit cause our seniors were stuck up on work for some emergency reasons. And that next hour and a half had literally changed the day for us. The atmosphere around our office lightened up all of a sudden.

Not that we had to attend the meeting  nor for the delay in time but, because we had met each our other comrades after such a long time. You know how you feel when you meet a long-lost friend who was oh so dear to you from school!? That’s how we felt literally. We’re all so busy with our own work our own life and many more things added to it. We were having a such blast catching up with each other.

Well of course we had to attend the meeting thing in the end. We went there for that purpose didn’t we? It was okay, I mean they just called us to discuss somethings related to our office and stuff like that. But, the main point here is I didn’t leave from work feeling wonky or sloppy anymore. Because catching up with my comrades was all I needed for my day to be made. And I cannot ever get over the office catch up and gossips (I promise they’re nothing rude or offensive).

Not a clear one but, it was super stunning!! ❤ Also this was taken by a friend of mine cause I was driving

And look at how beautiful the sun turned out to be. I mean the sunset. This was like the cream over a well baked chocolate cake!

And also we managed to grab a cup of tea. I had no choice but, to have tea because they didn’t have any lemons left. Kidding, I asked for a lemon tea and they didn’t have it for some reason. 😦 And this place is not as good so let’s leave the name part be.


And that’s the end of my first ever Chai and Samosa. I hope you liked my daily blog. I am new to this so I do not know how it’s done. Am sure I’ll figure it out as I write a few more posts. Here’s to an exciting Tuesday as well! As always thank you if you’ve stuck around till the end to read this chitty chatty first daily blog of mine. Be sure to leave your own ramble on how your day went by and if it wasnt that interesting then I hope this has made  you feel at least a tad bit better.



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